This page provides materials related to the Montessori School of Northern Virginia (MSNV) which operates a private school in our community at 3433 Rose Lane.  Current posts related to the school, if any, are available on the Categories menu on the right side of this page.

MSNV operates in our community under the terms of a Special Exception to the county zoning ordnance (see below).   The neighborhood contact at the school is Beth Hickey, Associate Head of School and Campus Director.  She can be reached at 703-992-0255.

MSNV Special ExceptionThis document describes the conditions (called Development Conditions) under which MSNV is permitted to operate a school in our community.  Compliance with the conditions is monitored by the Holmes Run Valley Citizens’ Association and by individual Holmes Run Valley homeowners.  The conditions are enforced by Fairfax County.

MSNV Transportation Procedures Manual:  The Special Exception that permits MSNV to operate a school in our neighborhood places certain limitations on traffic to and from the school.  The MSNV Transportation Procedures Manual describes these limitations to parents and staff along with the school’s provisions for enforcement.  The Special Exception requires that the manual is briefed to parents and staff at the beginning of each school year.

MSNV Calendar 2013-14  The Special Exception allows MSNV to hold a certain number of meetings at the school during the year.  The school is responsible to provide the  Holmes Run Valley Citizens’ Association (HRVCA) and Beech Tree Elementary School a meetings calendar for the coming school year 30 days prior to the beginning of the year.  If the calendar is changed, MSNV is required to distribute revised calendars.

MSNV parents and staff are permitted to park on neighborhood streets only during Development Condition 13c events.  These events are color coded in red on the calendar.  The parking is allowed only on the east side (school side) of Rose Lane between the school and Annandale Road.