This page provides access to static documents that are relevant to the Holmes Run Valley Citizens’ Association (HRVCA).  Posts related to the citizens association are available on the Post Categories menu on the right side of this page.

Current Bylaws.  The current bylaws of Holmes Run Valley Citizens Association were adopted by members on 19 Oct 2016 during the association’s fall meeting.

1974 HRVCA Bylaws.  The first draft of HRVCA bylaws was written in 1971.  A few changes were adopted resulting in the 1974 version available here for anyone interested in the history of the association.

2022 Hot Sheet.  The hot sheet lists routine and emergency phone numbers and Internet links for county and utility services of particular interest to HRVCA residents.

2018 HRVCA Survey Results.  A survey mailed to every household in Holmes Run Valley in Feb 2018 asked residents to identify the qualities of our community that they most value and well as their concerns.  The report of survey results identifies a number of community initiatives for improving our environment, both physically and socially, that could be pursued by individuals, small groups, and/or the association as a whole.