The Montessori School of Northern Virginia operates the school at 3433 Rose Lane under a special exception.  A copy of the SE can be found on the Montessori School page of this site.

The Holmes Run Valley Citizens’ Association met with MSNV at the school on Jan 23 principally to ask MSNV to improve the screening at the front of the school.

Meeting participants for MSNV included Betsy Mitchell, Head of School, and Nancy Smith, Campus Director.  Participants for HRVCA included Jim Mason, President, and Jacke Zeiher, Secretary.

Screening:  MSNV has worked to maintain landscaping at the front of the school in accordance with the plan approved by the county.  There are two significant issues: (1)  The landscaping does not provide an effective vegetative screen at the front of the school.  As planted, the screen is insufficient and its effectiveness has been further degraded by the removal of unhealthy plants.  (2)  Some of the plants that MSNV is required to maintain per the landscaping plan have died.  MSNV continually is replacing them.  It was agreed that MSNV would contact the county and ask about the possibility of modifying the landscaping plan to address both issues.

Traffic and parking issues:  MSNV said that they work hard to assure that parents obey the transportation procedures at the school.  Betsy and Ann asked that we notify them if we witness violations.  License plate numbers, vehicle descriptions, and photos of offenders would help the school correct problems.

MSNV said that they are operating at capacity (86 students against their ceiling of 90).  They do not expect any increase in enrollment.