Both Seven Corners and Bailey’s Crossroads have been selected by the Board of Supervisors for urbanization as two of eight commercial revitalization areas in the county. The objective of the revitalization/redevelopment of the two areas is to provide “activity centers” where future growth can be concentrated. With this unsolicited urbanization have come “urban vertical schools,” first at Seven Corners (Bailey’s Upper Elementary), now a second one at Bailey’s Crossroads in the proposed plan amendment for the SE Quadrant. The community has a choice; we can accept the Board’s urbanization with its urban vertical schools, or we can say NO and change the development scenario to one more in keeping with the community’s character.

This paper describes the Board of Supervisor’s policy regarding urbanization of Seven Corners and Bailey’s Crossroads, including the 2010 amendment of the Comprehensive Plan for Bailey’s Crossroads and the advent of “urban vertical schools” for our neighborhoods.  County officials have said that the urban school is the best that can be done. But that’s not true. There is no requirement for the community to accept urbanization and no requirement to accept the urban vertical school. There are alternatives for the further development of our community and alternatives available for our schools. But changing the conversation from the county’s current intent upon urbanization to a scenario more in keeping with our character will require a concerted community effort.