On 23 October, the Planning Commission published on their Web site a proposal 2014-I-B2 to amend the Comprehensive Plan to allow a second high-rise elementary school to be constructed in the Seven Corners/Bailey’s Crossroads area.  The first high-rise elementary school (constructed on black top) opened at 6245 Leesburg Pike opposite Seven Corners in Fall 2014. The proposed second high-rise elementary school would be constructed on Columbia Pike just west of Radley Acura opposite Trader Joe’s in Bailey’s Crossroads.

The hearing on the proposed amendment is scheduled for 5 November, only nine business days after it first appeared on the Planning Commission Web site.  No review of the proposal has been conducted with the community in a process that allowed the community to submit comments and the county to respond to those comments prior to publication.  The proposal was briefed as a finished product to the Bailey’s Crossroads Revitalization Corporation two days prior to publication on the Web site and to Supervisor Gross’s Land Use Committee three business days following publication.  The fast-track processing of the amendment has the appearance of a heavy-handed effort to throttle community engagement with an issue critical to its future, namely, its public schools.

On 31 October, a statement opposing the proposed amendment was submitted to the Planning Commission with copies to Supervisor Gross and Fairfax County Public Schools.  The reasons for opposition cited were:

  • The proposed site is not suitable for a Fairfax County Public School
  • The county has not vetted the proposal with the affected communities

The statement pointed out a number of alternatives whereby the school could be located on the Willston School site at Seven Corners, a site well suited for an elementary school.

Residents are encouraged to express their support or opposition to the school proposal by sending e-mails to the Planning Commission, with copies to Supervisor Penny Gross, prior to close of business Tuesday, 4 November.  The hearing is scheduled for the evening of 5 November in the Board Auditorium at 12000 Government Center Parkway, Fairfax.  If you plan to address the Planning Commission during the hearing, sign up on the speakers’ list on the Planning Commission Web Site.

E-Mail Addresses:
Planning Commission (Dear Planning Commission): plancom@fairfaxcounty.gov.
Board of Supervisors (Dear Chairman Bulova): Chairman@fairfaxcounty.gov
Penny Gross (Dear Supervisor Gross): Mason@fairfaxcounty.gov
Include your name and address on all e-mails so recipients know you live in the county.