The public hearing re the proposed Comprehensive Plan amendment for Bailey’s Crossroads scheduled for 2 December has been postponed to 13 January.  The purpose of the plan amendment is to allow a public elementary school to be constructed on the SE Quadrant in conjunction with a high-rise apartment building.  On 1 December, Superintendent of Schools Karen Garza formally asked the Board of Supervisors for the Willston School site for use as a school.  The meeting among Dr. Garza, County Executive Edward Long, Board of Supervisors Chairman Sharon Bulova, and Mason District Supervisor Penelope Gross is described by  an article on the Annandale Blog.  Presumably, the meeting precipitated the hearing cancellation.

As described by an earlier post, the plan amendment was approved by the Planning Commission on 5 November despite community written comments and testimony opposing the proposal.  The Holmes Run Valley Citizen’s Association submitted written testimony to the Board for the 2 December hearing and plans to testify during the 13 January hearing.  Hopefully, in the meantime, the Board will agree to allow our schools to have the Willston site.