The Seven Corners Task Force has finished their redevelopment plan. It is likely that hearings soon will begin to determine whether the larger community accepts their proposal. This CRITIQUE of the plan has been prepared to aid understanding of six principal community issues/concerns that remain unresolved. Over the past eight months, community members have voiced these concerns repeatedly in task force and working group meetings, but Supervisor Gross and the county have provided no constructive response.

The critique discusses both the unresolved concerns and the process by which the task force developed their plan. The process is important because its deficiencies largely explain why the community concerns surfaced relatively late in the process and why they remain unresolved.

The critique document intentionally is comprehensive and thoroughly referenced. In particular, discussions of process deficiencies are supported by links to relevant community and county documents generated during the plan development process. The critique document includes a number of features to aid readers’ navigation:

  • The first page is a table of contents, and each heading is linked to the association section of the document. For example, to move to section “6.2 First Draft,” click on “First Draft.”
  • Where specific sections are referenced in the text, click on the section number to move to that section. For example, if the text reads “Section 5.3,” clicking on “5.3” will take you to that section.
  • Referenced documents are available via Internet hyperlinks. For example, clicking on “130711_JTem” will open that document on your computer if you have an Internet connection.

Some may want to read the critique straight through. Those with more limited time may want to focus on the following:

  • Section 1. Introduction (1 page)
  • Section 2. Summary of Unresolved Community Concerns (1+ page)
  • Section 7. Explanation of Community Concerns, especially Section 7.3 Schools
  • Section 10. Conclusion and an Approach to Resolution (2 pages)
  • Appendix. The appendix (3+ pages) concisely summarizes pertinent material in tables

The 4 March draft of the task force redevelopment plan for Seven Corners is available HERE.

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