This post provides the recommendations of the Community Working Group for revisions to the county’s plan for redevelopment of Seven Corners.

On 25 Mar, representatives of neighborhood associations most directly affected by the county’s proposed redevelopment of Seven Corners send a letter to Supervisor Gross declaring their opposition to the plan.  On 27 Apr, community representatives met with Supervisor Gross and secured her agreement to consider revisions to the county’s plan.  The associations formed a Community Working Group (CWG) which produced recommended revisions  on 23 Jun and sent them to Supervisor Gross, Planning Commissioner Strandlie, the Board of Supervisors, and the Planning Commission.

The CWG plan revisions address five principal topics: density of development, transportation infrastructure, a school on the Willston site, restoration of the low-income housing that would be displaced by the redevelopment, and parks and green space.   The CWG produced four documents:

  • The Cover Letter letter lists the revisions and describes them briefly
  • The Recommendations document describes each revision and its rationale
  • The Attachment provides red lines for the county’s plan to incorporate the revisions
  • An Alternative Affordable Housing Strategy describes a possible means for restoring low-income housing at Seven Corners that would be lost under the county’s plan.

An on-line petition is available for those who wish to support the CWG recommended revisions.  It is an important opportunity to influence the county’s plan for Seven Corners redevelopment. Please take a minute to consider signing.

The county’s plan for Seven Corners redevelopment is available here.