On 21 Aug, the county distributed a proposal to amend the zoning ordinance for planned developments in Commercial Revitalization Districts (CRD’s) and Commercial Revitalization Areas (CRA’s), among others. The proposed amendments may profoundly affect the redevelopment of the three CRD’s in Mason District: Seven Corners, Bailey’s Crossroads, and Annandale.  This page provides access to the following documents:

  • The county 21 August draft proposal to amend the zoning ordinance
  • Comments on the draft proposal submitted to the county on 24 Aug by HRVCA
  • 31 Aug county response to the 24 Aug HRVCA comments
  • 1 Sep HRVCA reply to the 31 Aug county response
  • 7 Sep preliminary comments submitted to county based on a second reading of the proposal

This series of documents reflects the complexity of the county’s amendment proposal.  Community associations are asking the county to extend the due date for final comments to 23 Nov.