The association met at Beech Tree Elementary School at 7:30 PM on Wednesday, 9 March, for its Spring meeting.  Mike Paup and Andy Novins were elected to the Board by acclimation to succeed Jim Mason and Virgil Bodeen who retired.

Most of the meeting time was devoted to discussing matters related to the quality of life in the community and the need for residents to engage in events that concern us.  The Board asked the membership whether residents would be willing to sign up as Issue Advocates with no assigned duty and no expectation regarding time commitment or product. Signing up in a particular issue area would express only an intention to serve as eyes and ears for the community, as time and opportunities permit, and to notify the association via the Google group when issues deserve our attention. Reassuringly, 14 of the 19 residents in the meeting signed up in one or more areas.  The issue areas are listed in the meeting report below.

The meeting talked through the following six current issues based on a set of slides available below.

  • Final redevelopment plan for Seven Corners
  • Successful community effort to keep DMV out of Barcroft Plaza
  • Ongoing transit planning for Route 7 and Gallows Road
  • Super. Gross’s new redevelopment plan for SE Quadrant at Bailey’s Crossroads
  • County’s proposed amendment to the zoning ordinance and consequences for Seven Corners, Bailey’s Crossroads, and Annandale
  • FY 2017 county budget priorities

Following are links to meeting documents.

Clyde Miller