On 1 Jun 2016, HRVCA members met from 7:30 – 9:00 PM at Beech Tree Elementary School to discuss four principal issues affecting our community:

  • A county proposal to amend the zoning ordinance to allow very high-density developments at Seven Corners as well as in Annandale and Bailey’s Crossroads
  • County plan for redevelopment of the SE Quadrant at Bailey’s and relocation of the shelter to Lincolnia
  • Fairfax Forward, the new county process for periodically updating the Comprehensive Plan
  • County’s activity to revise the Policy Plan of the Comprehensive Plan to incorporate criteria for repurposing aging, empty commercial office buildings as public schools

Discussion was supported by the attached slides.

Despite the notice of the meeting provided on 11 May and several reminder emails, attendance was disappointing. Only 13 members participated.   Perhaps early June is a poor time for an association meeting. I would appreciate feedback via our Google Group regarding reasons members did not participate.

The following decisions were reached regarding the four issues above.

  • Zoning Ordinance Amendment: The association will continue to oppose the amendment in its current form. It threatens communities with negative consequences of high-density development, the county has not demonstrated a need for the amendment, and the large majority of citizens and associations responding to it are opposed.
  • SE Quadrant Redevelopment and Shelter Relocation: It was agreed that any relocation of the shelter should be to an appropriate, permanent location; the requirement for the proposed $125m county office building should be substantiated and reviewed with the community; and any redevelopment of the SEQ should conform to the mixed-use concept developed by the 2007 Bailey’s Crossroads citizens’ task force.
  • Fairfax Forward: The association will continue to advocate adequate citizen participation in the county’s process for amending and updating the Comprehensive Plan.
  • Policy Plan Amendment for Repurposing Office Buildings for Schools: The association will ask the county to provide a minimum of 30 days for review of subject proposed changes as well as publication of School Board comments on the revisions.

Several members spoke of their concern about a special permit application filed for 3321 Hawthorne Ln off of Nicholson Rd that would allow a number of chickens and goats to be kept on the property. The meeting did not discuss details of the application but agreed to support the affected neighbors if a clear majority takes a position on the question.

It was agreed that the association will purchase 10 new roadside signs at $16 each for announcing meetings.

The county is seeking volunteers to help out at nearby White Gardens.

Clyde Miller, President