On 1 Nov, the Fairfax County Board of Supervisors will conduct a public hearing and consider adoption of a new policy for public school facilities. The policy should NOT be adopted. It features schools located in surplus office buildings, in commercial areas, with outdoor recreational space confined to garage rooftops and school sites reduced in size to the minimums allowed by the zoning ordinance. The provision in the current policy that Fairfax County schools would comply with Virginia Department of Education guidelines would be nullified. The proposed policy threatens the quality of future public school facilities.

The attached paper encourages citizen opposition and provides a format for an appropriate email to the Board of Supervisors. Please take a few minutes to read the paper and send an email to the Board if you agree that the new policy should not be adopted. Nothing is more important to the education of our children, our property values, the character of our community, and our ability to attract the skilled and educated workforce essential to our economic development than the quality of our schools. Please read the attachment and send your opinion to the Board.

To be effective, your email would need to be sent prior to close of business 27 Oct.