Your neighborhood association, Holmes Run Valley Citizens Association (HRVCA), would like to solicit your support and provide resources to bolster the quality of our environment. We are not a formal homeowners association with architectural board and restrictions, but we all have a stake in preserving and enhancing our property values and assuring that your community is safe and attractive.

In response to a general desire and a few concerns about keeping our neighborhood attractive, a group within HRVCA has formed to develop a progression of measures that can be taken informally to meet challenges, and, if necessary, formally address county code compliance issues.

In order to gain your input and perspective, we ask that you provide your opinions and ideas in either of two ways by February 18. We will report the results of the survey at the spring HRVCA meeting.

The first option is to take a concise 15-question anonymous survey at:

Alternatively, please email your comments and concerns to

In your email please address the following topics.  In addition, please include the name of your street or your full address to verify that you reside in the HRVCA community.

  • How satisfied are you with the quality of life in your neighborhood?
  • What do you like most and least about your neighborhood?
  • What, if anything, concerns you regarding safety and quality of the environment?
  • What changes/improvements do you recommend?
  • Should HRVCA establish a Neighborhood Watch Program, an initiative of the Fairfax County Police Department to increase community awareness of crime issues and how to better protect our homes and property?
  • If HRVCA established a Neighborhood Watch Program would you participate in the county’s four-hour training session at a local location?
  • What would better encourage your participation in spring and fall HRVCA community meetings?

Thank you for participating in the survey.