On 20 Aug, HRVCA Board members Mike Cook, Jacke Zeiher, Mike Paup, and Clyde Miller met with Kari Cafeo, Head of School at Montessori School of Northern Virginia, for 45 minutes. The purpose of the meeting was to review the Transportation Procedures Manual and calendar of activities for the new school year and to hear MSNV’s plans for better landscaping the school’s front yard.  Inadequate landscaping at the front of the school has been an issue for the 10 plus years the school has operated in the community.

Kari provided the current TPM and the 2019-2020 calendar via email prior to the meeting.  Both are well done and compliant with the special exception (SE) that allows the school to operate in our neighborhood.  The school is fully enrolled for the coming year.  No 2020 summer camp is planned at the present time.

MSNV has engaged a landscaping company to improve the grounds both front and back.  New plants were added at the back of the school this summer.  Kari intends that the fall planting will bring the landscaping at the front of the school into full compliance with the SE.

Last school year, MSNV did not take the three self-monitoring traffic counts required by DC 16c of the SE.  They misunderstood the SE requirement.  They will take the counts this year.

Jacke asked that the school clean up storm debris along the back fence adjacent to her home. Her concern was for the safety of the children and the health of trees entangled in the debris.   Kari responded that she would ask her maintenance manager to take care of it.  Kari also agreed to remind Will to provide a corresponding combo lock with alternative key and to ensure a path at the fence clear of brush and new growth prior to the beginning of the school year.

Leaving the building, the group examined the sign at the front of the school and agreed that it is not attractive.  Kari did not rule out the possibility that a new sign could be installed in the not very distant future.

The next meeting is planned for the fall after the landscaping at the front of the school has been renovated.  Kari will call Jacke to schedule it.