As explained in the linked paper, the current signs ordinance, adopted in Mar 2019, allows a proliferation of enormous incompatible signs throughout the county’s residential districts, and that invasion is underway.

The ordinance allows all non-residential uses in residential districts an unbelievable 114 sq ft of signage with colored light illumination continually changing is both color and intensity as well as 20 sq ft of technicolor electronic display with the message changing every 8 seconds.  Such displays are totally incompatible with the character of residential neighborhoods.  Virtually no one would accept them in front of the house across the street from their home.

For residential uses, the ordinance allows 12 sq ft of permanent yard signs.  With two trivial exceptions, the previous ordinance did not allow permanent signs for residential use.   The current ordinance together with revisions to the zoning ordinance proposed by zMOD would allow all accessory uses such as home businesses, short term lodging, and accessory dwelling/living units to put up 12 sq ft of permanent signs.

The current signs ordinance threatens neighborhoods with a flood of incompatible signs.   Types and amounts of signs allowed should be rolled back and the permanent yard signs should not be permitted.  The linked paper provides specific recommendations in the conclusions section on page 4.

All supervisors and planning commissioners have copies of the linked paper.  I expect to have talked to all supervisors and/or their staffs about the issues by Friday, 9 October.  The Board’s Land Use Policy Committee may discuss the issues during their 27 Oct meeting.

Needed now are emails to supervisors and planning commissioners.  Please read the attached paper and email your representatives asking them to amend the signs ordinance as soon as reasonably possible.